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Duo Partners

I love duos (triples, quadruples, why not!) so here are some of my current duo partners. If you're interested in booking multiple providers that I know well and who's company I thoroughly enjoy, take a look below...

I'm also open to meeting new providers so don't be shy to ask, you never know, you could be introducing me to my new fave crush <3

Donations will match the higher rate of the chosen providers.


Margot Najda

Margot & I love to be wrapped in each other's arms. If irresistible, petit brunettes are your thing, then we are your dream come true! 

Website         Twitter

Melina May

Melina & I will eat each other up, then you, then each other again! Do yourself a favor and consider it... 

Website         Twitter

Honey Melina
April K.webp

April Killian

Need I say anything at all? 

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See our review: TER ID: 381416

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